The most impactful help we provide comes from our website assessment service. Let us review your website and lend our expertise to help you identify and prioritise any required improvements. This allows you to get an unbiased, unmuddied view of your website's current performance.


We visit your website and explore the homepage and other key pages.


We assess your website against 30-130 different criteria (covering the homepage, content, navigation and more) that have a genuine impact on your visitors’ experiences.


We diagnose key issues and areas for improvement.


A PDF summary report of your site’s performance on each criteria.


Up to 130 recommendations for improving your site.


A suggested priority order to help you focus your time on the issues that really matter.


An understanding of why each recommendation has been made, helping you learn more about what visitors want from your site.


How many recommendations do you provide?

That depends on your site - anywhere from 0 (although highly unlikely) to 130 (also unlikely), there is no set number. Unlike with many other gigs, we won't waste your time trying to fill an arbitrary recommendation 'quota', instead we will let you know how you perform on the things that really matter.

What pages do you test?

We will spend enough time on enough pages to get a good sense of how your website is performing. Your homepage is likely to be your most important page, so we'll spend a good amount of time there, but will also look at a good number of other pages.

Can you work with non-English sites?

We're more than happy to take a look, but so much of what makes a site effective is how it communicates to its visitors, and that is always going to be hard to judge in a language we're not fluent in. Any seller who says they can do this without issue is not being honest!

Can you help implement your recommendations?

Unfortunately not. We will tell you what we think needs to be done, but it's down to you to do it. Luckily, the most important things to visitors are not complicated or highly technical. If you've made your website yourself, you'll have no problems implementing most of the advice I give. If not, solutions will be easily found through Google or help forums.

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